Evo 10 dyno

Change can be difficult. While few embrace it, change must happen in order to evolve and improve. When EVO fans discovered their beloved 4G63 would be replaced with an all-aluminum engineoutrage ensued. Many questioned why Mitsubishi did away with an iconic and nearly indestructible engine that has set records for the last two decades.

The reason was simple: new, more-stringent emission requirements. Detuned to meet these limits, the 4G63 engine would max out at horsepower. The biggest change made to the EVO heritage was the move to an all- aluminum short block.

One of the obvious advantages of the aluminum bottom end is weight savings.

evo 10 dyno

The new EVO engine weighs 26 lbs less than the 4G In addition, the superior thermal efficiency of aluminum increases heat transfer to the cooling system. As a result, cooler piston and oil temperatures improve engine durability and longevity. The cast-iron 4G63 engine, seen in previous EVO platforms, has proven to withstand high-horsepower production. Although cast-iron offers a substantial benefit in strength over aluminum, Mitsubishi took the necessary steps to ensure the durability of the 4B11T bottom end.

First off, the bottom end features a four-bolt main cap to ensure the crankshaft is secured in place. The block deck is semi-closed to resist cylinder wall distortion at increased boost levels. Furthermore, a two-piece oil pan design increases block rigidity and prevents the block from twisting and flexing at high-RPM operation. The 4B11T with a semi-closed deck design compared to the solid- deck design of the 4G In stock trim the 4B11T engine generates substantially better low- end and mid-range power than the 4G63 engine.

The 4B11 also realizes a With light tuning intake, exhaust, downpipe, camshaft, intercooler upgrade and reflasha difference of only 3. Future modifications include higher lift and longer duration camshafts as well as a larger turbocharger and a high-octane retune.

On the exhaust side, the 4B11 flowed close to the 4G63 at valve lifts above. All measurements were taken at 50 inHg.

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However, it should be noted that the 4B11 uses smaller higher-velocity ports designed to fill the cylinder faster at lower engine speeds. This design change and the use of MIVEC on both cams allows the 4B11 to have superior low-end and mid-range power production. Comparing the CNC-ported heads from Cosworth, the intake flow advantage for the 4G63 is closer to 10 percent.

On the exhaust side, flow rates are nearly identical.The Engine being a new all aluminium design, makes more power with a smaller turbo compared to its predecessor the EVO 9. What is most disappointing was how Detuned these engines are from the factory for Australia. Literally the factory Mivec maps, which are really continuously variable inlet and exhaust timing, are essentially turned off with only a very minor effect on the motor.

As a result of this the vehicle with tuning can make huge improvements not only in power, but torque and fuel economy. It is not uncommon to hear complaints about laggy throttle response, fluctuating boost levels and surging under power. Despite all this, the factory set-up is still impressive and the sports mode driving in the SST models certainly has some punch with its ultra fast gear changes.

evo 10 dyno

The major issues found on these vehicles is the impressive list of CEL codes that appear with any reasonable level of modifications along with the SST Transmission clutches having a very definite horsepower limit.

We also recommend performing the modifications in the order provided, in order to maximise your gains and minimise your expenses. The factory output of these vehicles is usually around the hp at all four wheels. With nothing more than basic mods and a retune they quite easily reach the — hp without even trying.

Factory boost levels start at the 19 psi range and drop down to the 15 psi range. Alterations to the tuning brings boost in a lot earlier, and produces much better fuel economy figures. The Manuel models will produce usually an extra 10 — 15hp at the wheels in comparison to the SST models. Basic First Modifications — these are good for up to — hp at the wheel s. Additional Modifications for those that want to — these allow for in excess of hp at the wheels. The stock air box on these vehicles are very effective in there own design.

There may be marginal improvements in horsepower for such a system, but the same gains will be found if the same intake pipe kit is fitted up to the stock air box. Another thing to remember, is the MAF sensor on these vehicles are very sensitive to airflow, more so than earlier models, and changes to diameters of the air intake pipe work, air box setups has dramatic changes on the factory tune. It is not uncommon to see large changes in air fuel ratios with a simple air filter change.

The EVO vehicles came out with two types of blow off valves.It's hard to believe that a sleeved 2. It just goes to show the true capabilities of the 4B11T block and Evo X platform as a whole. Here is the full mods list. A few of these parts were sourced from MAPerformance, so we're proud to be involved in such a monumental build!

Check it out! The owner of the car plans on hitting Virgina International Speedway in the whp Evo X for a few race nights. You will not want to miss that update! Choose Your Car. Evo X. Mustang Ecoboost.

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Fiesta ST. Maybe the fastest Evo 10 on the road today? Back in March when we first blogged about this car being the fastest Evo Xpeople were skeptical about the build, saying Dyno Sheets don't equate to time slips. Who can blame them though, as the prestigious whp mark has never been reached on an Evo The owners of the car knew it was time to silence the skeptics and dig a little deeper to build a whp Evo X. Well, the team at Boosted Therapy have crushed their goal with a very respectable whp on a DynoJet.

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Exploring the Limits of the EVO X Engine | 4B11T vs 4G63

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evo 10 dyno

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Exploring the Limits of the EVO X Engine | 4B11T vs 4G63

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